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Name: Exitmusic Passage
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He abandoned his family. Kate wants to finish her homework by ten. I got a letter from the H.M. asking me to meet him. Hi James, it's Linda. I don't know him. She dumped him. I couldn't understand the announcement that was just made. Wow, your apartment is a mess. I got my son to repair the door. We live in the country during the summer.
Exitmusic Passage: - Look at the notes on page 10.
- The earth is round.
- She talked him into buying her a diamond ring.
- How long will you wait?
- I am pleased to have you here.
- Oh, we're not driving. We're going to take the subway. The subway only takes about 20 minutes.
- Sorry, that's too late. I usually go to bed around 10:00PM.
- What the devil are you doing there?
- There is always a solution to any problem.
- That's fine.
Never you mind. She advised him to come back at once. Ken was in Japan last year. Have both of you already eaten? I visited my grandmother's house. I warned you not to get near him, didn't I? This medicine tastes bitter. He let go of the rope. She argued with him about their children's education. I'm lost

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